NHS services are struggling to meet the demand of referrals for ASD assessment. The COVID-19 outbreak is likely to worsen the situation still further.


We cannot offer valid comprehensive assessments due to the limitations of social distancing, but if you are looking for an initial indication about diagnosis and want to talk your situation through we are now offering a 

2.5 hour fixed price video consultation. 


Where concerns centre on a child or young person, this consultation will include a standardised parental interview using the 3Di. This is one of the main tools used by NHS services, and can often be used as part of a broader assessment at a later date irrespective of who completes it.  

In cases where concerns centre around adults, the consultation will focus more on developing a general understanding of the person's presentation

With all age ranges we will aim to give an indication of whether ASD is likely; possible; or appears to be ruled out.  

You can also make a start on a new comprehensive assessment, or restart one that has been put on hold, by completing the DISCO parental interview via video-conferencing software.  We cannot guarantee when the remaining assessment components will be completed, but you will be in a better position once face-to-face work can be resumed. 


These ASD assessment services are now offered and managed via a dedicated website.  If you are interested in finding out more, please visit the site or 

contact us if you have any queries.